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We can provide a range of customised training solutions to suit your needs.  Many of our training workshops can be provided in "training bites" of just two hours.  Our aim is to identify and discuss the important issues quickly and deliver key learnings in half the time, making your training very cost effective.

Some examples of our training programs are listed below:


  • Leadership
  • Communication skills
  • Delegation & time management
  • Building influence
  • Women in business workshops


  • Mental skills 
  • Leadership - profiling and development
  • Improving focus and concentration
  • Mental toughness
  • Communication

Youth Sports Programs - 1.5 hr workshops

  • Mental skills for youth sports
  • The coach, the parent, the child playing in harmony in sport
  • Keeping kids in sport now and for life

Keeping Kids in Sport - Now and for life - Starting 2015
In early 2016, Think Performance will be running a series of workshops which highlight why our kids are disengaging from sports after the age of 12 and what we can do help reverse this worrying trend.  The workshops are aimed at helping coaches, parents, teachers and anyone involved in sport, to understand their role in influencing and supporting our sporting youth, and keeping them engaged.
For information about workshop dates and availability, or if your school, sporting club or organisation would like to run a workshop in house we would love to hear from you. 
For more Information please email us at info@thinkperformance.com.au
Female Athletes and the World of Work - Starting November 2015
Sadly, many professional female athletes have to enter the everyday 'world of work' long before their sporting careers are over, because many female athletes have trouble receiving equal pay and sponsorship deals when compared to men.  This is not something we will solve overnight, but we want to help.
From November 2015, Think! Performance Psychology will be running a 2-part workshop aimed at providing support to female athletes who are having to enter the workplace to supplement their sporting income. 
Part A of the workshop will cover the 'athletic identity' in the workplace and offer strategies for managing the 4-Ps of the workplace (Process, People, Politics and Promotions) and how to navigate the demands of working, sporting life, training, travel and maintaining your wellbeing.
Part B examines the very practical elements of finding work and surviving, including CVs, cover letters, interview skills, and the dreaded salary discussion!  These workshops will be run monthly and are suitable for in career athletes and athletes who have or are approaching athletic retirement.
For more information please send us at email at info@thinkperformance.com.au