About Our WOrk

Suite 4, 91 Hay Street, Subiaco WA 6008   |  0423655789  |  info@thinkperformance.com.au

our Philosophy

Think! Performance Psychology is focused on organisational, team and Individual performance improvement in business and sporting organisations.  We help individuals and teams be at their best when it matters most!

We believe "success" is about effort, making improvements and the sum of repeated efforts day in, day out!

We help clients build success through knowledge, focus, concentration, confidence and composure. 

We focus on both the practical and mental side of performance and the development of the required skills to enhance performance.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Individual and team performance improvement
  • Mental skills training
  • Performance coaching 
  • Talent development
  • Training, profiling, team selection and screening
  • Performance training workshops & projects
  • Human resources consulting

We are committed to helping you achieve results.